iPad Repair

The Ins And Outs Of IPad Repair

The iPad is one of Apple’s most successful products. However, like any other electronic device, iPads can and do break. When this happens, the owner wants quick, reliable and dependable iPad repair.

One option is to take the iPad to an Apple retail store. Their technicians are experts in repairing Apple devices. iPads carry a comprehensive AppleCare one year warranty that covers manufacturer based hardware and software defects. Buyers that purchase the AppleCare Plus insurance coverage have two years worth of coverage for $99. The insurance pays for two $49 repairs not covered by the warranty.

The second way to go is a third party repair shop that repairs Apple products. Finding a reputable repair shop requires  research and asking questions. A quality third party repair shop will have a presence online that answers some initial questions. A visit to the store is also in order. If the owner can’t or won’t answer questions, walk away.

There are at least four questions to ask.

– Does the shop use quality parts? A good store will be willing to discuss parts and provide suppliers’ names.

– What is the store’s pricing structure? A store that fails to discuss pricing up front or provide a listing should raise a red flag. While pricing varies slightly nationwide, the price for replacing a glass window averages around $135 parts and labor nationwide.

– What is the warranty that comes with repairs? A 90 day warranty is what most reputable shops provide. The owner should be willing to discuss the specifics of the warranty.

– When will the device be ready? Many repairs can be made within four hours and a 24 hour turnaround time is the policy with many shops. More complicated problems will take longer and the shop should notify to the customer.